About Dr. Perez

Having received advanced degrees in secondary education, Joe began a ten-year career as a high school teacher providing instruction in economics, Spanish, Bible, and computers. While in his teaching career, he furthered his graduate education, earning a doctorate in education with a double-minor in computers and theology. His career focus changed to IT in the early 1990’s when he started as a Computer Consultant at NC State University. Three promotions later, Dr. Perez ended his successful 25-year career at NC State as Business Intelligence Specialist when he took another promotion to become Senior Business Analyst at the NC Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) in the fall of 2017 and has since been promoted to Senior Systems Analyst and Team Lead. In addition to his full-time analytics/BI leadership role at DHHS, Joe was named Chief Technology Officer at a North Carolina corporation in October 2020. With more than 11,000 followers on LinkedIn and several professional certifications, Perez has stayed active in the IT, HHS, and higher education communities as a much sought-after resource, highly-recommended international keynote speaker, data analytics & visualization expert, and specialist in efficiency and process improvement. In 2020 alone, Perez spoke at more than two dozen conferences hosted by nine different countries on five continents.

Through the years, Dr. Perez has never lost his love for teaching, having been a guest speaker for many organizations and internationally-recognized podcasts. When he takes a break from work and speaking, he enjoys spending time with his wife of more than 30 years and their children, whom he says are the "best things that ever happened to me." He also sings, plays the piano, composes songs, and has performed PSA's and voice-overs for schools and other organizations. He also serves as music director to his church’s Hispanic ministry, teaches their Men’s Bible Fellowship class, and interprets sermons to Spanish or English, depending upon the audience. If there's any spare time left, he enjoys publishing a monthly military newsletter (as Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot News), working out in the gym, and catching up on Star Trek reruns. "A busy life indeed, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I’m a firm believer that if I’m not innovating, then I’m stagnating," says Joe. If you need an experienced, dynamic speaker, Dr. Joe Perez is the right choice.

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“Dr. Joe Perez is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can provide a unique blend of practical and efficient solutions within the Information Technology spectrum. I have known Joe for 15 years and his natural enthusiasm and magnetism makes him able to engage diverse groupings of people and to communicate problem-solving solutions at both the personal and corporate levels. He is a forward thinker with the ability to gain insight and historical perspective from his many years of working in the IT field.

"You will greatly benefit from inviting Joe to be a part of your team as it builds for the future.”

Colonel (Ret) Steven D. Martin, USAF
“Knowing, sharing with, and having Joe as a friend has been one of the highlights of my adult life. He is a phenomenal IT professional, conference speaker, and human being. Every time he speaks he leaves his audience with tangible and actionable information that results in individual and company-wide improvements. He is a fountain of IT wisdom and enriches everyone he comes in contact with. Dr. Joe is a true example of a professional you want on your side to assist you to work out your IT needs.
"He is a first-string person if you are looking for someone to speak at your next conference. You will not be disappointed!”

Enrique Gonzalez, CEO, Acclaimed Podcast Host
“I have gotten to know Joe Perez very well over the past 6 months. Having Joe as a speaker and attendee at the Raleigh CIO Forum was such an honor. Joe is professional, personable and such a go-getter. He was consistently asking how to promote and help the Forum. His session on Cultivating a Climate for Paradigm Shift was relevant and really caught the audience’s attention. Anyone would be lucky to sit in on one of his presentations.

"With that being said, Joe is a true leader and I cannot recommend him enough. He is simply an expert in his field and a wonderful person.”

Nina DiFrancisco, Director, Info-Tech Research Group

“I had the privilege of working with Joe on the Applied Data Visualization Healthcare event where he was the keynote speaker. From the second he stepped on stage he was meticulous, inspirational, thorough and detailed in providing a fantastic address hugely well received by the audience and which set the stage for the event perfectly.
"Dr. Joe Perez is a truly inspirational conference speaker and I would truly welcome the chance to work with him again.”

Marco Geraghty, Head of Partnerships & Business Development, Gyana, Ltd.

“Joe Perez is a fantastic and engaging speaker. His session was very well received at the MDM + Data Governance Summit in Chicago. He was often noted as one of our top speakers in our attendee feedback form. He's an SME that knows how to break down the challenges facing the data community and help attendees understand the right next steps and strategies. I would certainly recommend Joe Perez for speaking engagements within the data community!”

Ian McRae, Director of Conference Content & Programming, SourceMedia

“We invited Dr. Joe Perez to speak at the Cloud Data Summit October 2019 event in North America. He is one of the few people who 'get' Analytics and Business Intelligence. He delivered an awesome talk on how to use Data Visualization effectively in business.  
"Audience feedback on his presentation was terrific and Joe was a true professional throughout the entire process. We will definitely bring Joe back for future events.”

—  Eric Axelrod, President & Chief Architect / Founder, Cloud Data Summit

“If I had to sum Dr. Perez in two words they would be dedicated and passionate. You will not find a speaker, influencer, or person more willing to help than Joe Perez. His passion for data storytelling is as powerful as his knowledge of data and analytics in general.

"A thoroughly fantastic person - I would recommend Joe as a keynote speaker unreservedly”

Samuel Marklew, Conference Production Director

“Dr. Joe is a phenomenal speaker! I attended a presentation of his on data visualization and as a newcomer to the field was impressed by his command of the field and his ability to effectively communicate this material to both the experienced and inexperienced. His energy as a presenter is unmatched and I still use the concepts I learned during his presentation via the excellent handout he created for participants.”

Dr. Tainayah Thomas, Postdoctoral Researcher, Kaiser Permanente

“Joe was selected to be a featured speaker as part of my company's interview series of IT executives. In addition to his general enthusiasm and professionalism, Dr. Joe effectively leveraged his years of IT experience to produce an excellent discussion.

"I absolutely recommend him for any future speaking opportunities.”

Peter Steube, Head of Content Marketing & Ecosystems, Robocorp

“I have worked both with and for Dr. Joe Perez over the course of many years. Joe is a professional through and through. He is intelligent, communicates well, is a great leader, and is extremely innovative. The one thing that really stands out about Joe is his treatment of others. Joe is always respectful and professional regardless of what is coming at him.
"I would relish the opportunity to work with Joe anytime the situation presents itself!”

Dr. Holly Sullenger, Professional Speaker, Corporate Education Expert

"Dr. Joseph Perez was the keynote speaker at Applied Data Visualization Healthcare 2020. The theme was 'Turning Big Data into Actionable Stories to Improve Clinical, Health & Operational Outcomes.' Joe’s presentation was exciting, well-prepared, highly relevant and informative... His passion is contagious and his perspective is seasoned with equal parts curiosity, humility and optimism. The organizers could not have picked a better way to kick off the conference!”

Nick McKay, Director of Business Development, Technisys

“Working with Joe was a true pleasure, not only did he provide great insight as our keynote speaker for the Applied Data Visualization in Healthcare Summit but was also extremely useful behind the scenes by writing speaker interviews and connecting me with potential sponsors who could support our audience with better understanding their data sets.

"I would highly recommend Dr Joe to speak at any business intelligence related conference!”

Theo Collins, Partnerships Director, Hanson Wade

"My first interaction with Joe was memorable. We both spoke at a recent conference and I had the honor of sharing a panel with him as well. He is a dynamic speaker full of passion and energy. Listening to him give the opening keynote was inspiring. The electricity he brings to the room is exciting!”

David Ciommo, Data Visualization Principal, Viz Center of Excellence, Humana

“Joe possesses the ability to lead by example and his enthusiasm and dedication are both inspiring and motivating.

"If you are looking for an engaging speaker that provides IT Solutions he's your guy!”

Meghan Fernandez, Business Development Manager, Corus360

“Joe Perez is a vivacious speaker who clearly anticipates what will resonate with his audience, then shares his message via insightful anecdotes that ensure each attendee will leave with some memorable gems intact long after the session! A goal every speaker strives to attain!”

Sue Waite, Senior Director, SAP North American Center for Excellence

"Joe epitomizes what an IT leader should be. He is not only a catalyst for innovation at work, but he is also an evangelist and collaborator for technology in the community. He is an engaged attendee and presenter at peer events. If I were building an IT team, I’d want Joe on it!”

Marc Montoro, Executive Director, Triangle Technology Executives Council

“Got to know Dr. Perez via a project we both worked on for Premier CIO Forum in NC. Joe is a true professional and a great communicator who will have your back covered.

"He is a great asset to my team.”

Neal Petersen, International Keynote and TEDx Speaker, Author

“Dr. Joe is an inspiration! His passion is teaching from the heart and offers so much wisdom in so many different areas. 

"Seek out his leading edge speaking engagements or podcasts - you will be in for a treat!”

Sandra Burnett, Health Influencer, RN, Workplace Wellness 360
JWP Consulting and Speaking