Avoiding Death by PowerPoint: The Four "Essential E's" of Dynamic Speaking
A recent UCLA study found that for the most effective communication, 36% of the message comes from your voice, 57% of the message comes from your nonverbal communication, and only the remaining 7% comes from your content.  This suggests more time should be spent on preparing one's delivery than developing great content.  To that point, have you ever endured a flat, lifeless presentation from a speaker that droned on & on without saying anything you'd ever remember? Watching paint dry is more interesting!  The only thing worse? When you're the one who was behind the podium and is now reading a negative, scathing review from a dissatisfied attendee upon whom you bestowed "Death by PowerPoint."

Do you want to break the mold, capture the attention of your listeners, rise above the mundane, and leave them asking for more? Have you imagined yourself being known as a thought-leader?  Are you aware that what you  present could impact how well someone does their job, or ease some of their burden, or improve their outlook on life, or bring some new & improved insight?  In this session, I intend to show you principles that could revolutionize your speaking style.  See the three personalities you want to shy away from as you adopt the four "Essential E's" of dynamic speaking, thereby avoiding Death by PowerPoint.
The participant/attendee will…
  • Explore and define techniques for improving delivery of presentation
  • Determine the most efficient way to adapt, adopt, or be adept
  • Identify and examine four desired outcomes (the “Essential E’s”) for one’s audience
  • Discover three undesirable personalities and resolve not to emulate them


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